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Will Chevy Camaro make Kyle Larson 2018 NASCAR Cup Series favorite?

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Other Chevy drivers seem pretty excited about what their new car might do for their 2018 fortunes, but what about the guy who was already pretty darn good?

There’s no question that whether it was due to a lack of performance, better drivers for the other brands or bad luck — or some combination of the three — 2017 wasn’t the best year for Chevy in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. To hear them tell it, though, the drivers themselves think significant help is on the way.

Austin Dillon has his eyes on a run for the Championship 4. Ryan Newman believes that more than one win is realistic for him. Their optimism is buoyed by the arrival of the new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, the model that they’ll be driving in 2018, and it’s understandable considering how the new Camry aided Toyota drivers.

That begs the question: what will the Camaro do for a guy who already was nipping at the heels of a true championship challenge?

We’re talking, of course, about Kyle Larson, who took the next step in his rising stardom last…

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