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Watch a Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 Car Break Sonoma Raceway’s Lap Record

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If you’ve been paying attention to recent lap record debacles, you know that Gutierrez’s record isn’t about to go down in a record book somewhere. Though his lap was quicker than the circuit’s race lap record, he didn’t complete his amidst a sanctioned race, meaning Newgarden’s record will continue to stand. (Responsibly, the event’s organizers labeled his lap time an “unofficial” record, one worthy of respect, if not one that signifies much.)

At the same time, you can’t help but wonder just how much quicker other drivers could have gone in the same car. The year Gutierrez raced against this W07 was his last in F1, as he performed poorly against his teammate Romain Grosjean, scoring zero of his team’s 29 points. You can’t shake the belief that most other drivers from the 2016 grid, from his erstwhile teammate to his underrated countryman Sergio Perez, could’ve put on a better lap. Also, would it be rude to ask the commentator to tone it down a bit and let us listen to the car?


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