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The 2017 Athlete of the Year: NASCAR driver Kyle Larson | News

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Imagine sitting in your vehicle for three consecutive hours with temperatures topping out at around 120 degrees. Kyle Larson has done that in his No. 42 Chevrolet stock car about 35 times each of the past four years on NASCAR’s Monster Energy Cup series. His racecars don’t have air conditioning.

His races aren’t anything at all like driving north on Highway 99 into Sacramento, either. Larson is at the wheel of a car that can top out around 200 mph on steeply-banked race tracks such as Talledega in Alabama or Dayton in Florida, driving inches away from his competitors’ cars. He has to have the lightning-quick reaction to keep his car straight and on the track, too, when he momentarily bumps the race wall or another car.

Larson has treaded where no other Elk Grove resident has ever gone the past few years – on the competitive race tracks of NASCAR. In 2017, he had his break-out year. The 25-year-old won four races,…

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