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Matt Schofield Music

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A look into some of Matt Schofield Music who will be headlining our Red, White & Blues festival on July 14th. We hope to see you there!
#redwhiteandblues #lagunasecarocks #weathertechraceway #fourthofjulyfun
#SmellTheTone #ItalianEdition Noodles from soundcheck, with the beautiful natural reverb of the auditorium at @umbriablues. Huge thanks to my mates @lestermusic and @macskinner at @tworockamplification for having a Classic Reverb on stage for me! Give a shout if you want to own this very amp, now that I’ve given it a good breaking in for you 💪🏻🤓👍🏻 #TwoRockAmps #UmbriaBluesFest #DamnSmokeMachines


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