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Make an ugly paint scheme, win iRacing VIP package

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People Of The Internet,

I confess that I spend the majority of my time posting really awful tweets that contain nary a morsel of truth. However, I come to you today with an amazing giveaway, and I am, for once, not lying.

The good folks at iRacing (The amazingly accurate virtual racing platform that can eventually get you a full-time job driving a legendary car at Hendrick Motorsports if your name is William) have given me an amazing VIP Package valued at $2,200 that I am to hand out to one very lucky winner. This package includes a 2-year subscription and 2,000 credits. It‘s insane. You want this.


How am I going to hand this out?

By asking you, the denizens of iRacing, to flex your respective creative muscles and design the single-most atrocious, butt-ugly paint scheme you can come up with.

That‘s right, we‘re having an Ugly Paint Scheme Contest, and the winner cashes in huge.

Maybe you‘ve already designed a scheme so ugly that the mere sight of it would turn a man to stone. Or perhaps you have envisioned a harrowing and repulsive design that you‘ve kept in the dark recesses of your mind, and you‘ve been waiting for the right moment to unleash it. That time is now. Throw the switch and bring your monster to life.

So here‘s how it‘s gonna go down.

  • Design your hideous creation. The manifestation of the ugliness is up to you, but please, nothing profane. Those will immediately be disqualified.
  • Post your creation to Twitter using the hashtag #CasmUglySchemeContest by Friday, October 11, 2019 . You MUST use the hashtag, so that we can find the schemes.
  • The winner will be chosen by an esteemed panel of myself, and a couple other people, I dunno. The winner will be notified on Twitter, and will then provide us with a name and email address.
  • The best schemes will inevitably be placed into a gallery that we‘ll share on, because that‘d be some sweet content, right?

So that‘s the how-to. Crack open your preferred iRacing scheme-painting program and bring out the ugly. Happy painting!


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