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Kyle Larson spins and slams the inside wall | 2017 MARTINSVILLE

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ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] comes out for the sixth time at Martinsville. This time, it’s Kyle Larson. He was in 23rd position.

– Look like [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: You can see right here, he’s coming off from what I think is Turn 2. He’s underneath the 51 car. You can talk all day about how hard it is to get the pressure– the rear tires to hook up.

You see, he’s in a big slide already. Continues to try to turn to stay off the 51 and basically spins himself out, really. You can see right here, he comes all the way around and makes pretty heavy contact. When you’re talking about Martinsville, that’s a pretty heavy contact with the inside wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the right rear gets it as well. So after an engine failure a week ago, now Kyle Larson heads to the ambulance. They’ll take him to the infield care center.

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