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Autoweek NHRA insider Ron Capps’ blog: Ending the 2019 Funny Car season with a bang

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You can’t hide your identity on iRacing. That’s good and bad. When we first started out, Martin Truex Jr. would get on there, Dale Jr. We had quite a few guys on there when iRacing first started. We were in a little group that you had to be invited into. Now we just jump in and do whatever race we want to do. There are some celebrities who will pop in. You’ll see their name. That’s always fun.

I’ll go in and host a race—I’ll pick a track, pick a car, pick the number of laps and all that. It’s cool when people first jump into a race with me and they’ll say, ‘Man, you’re a drag racer. You’re a pretty good driver for a guy who drives straight for a living.’ That’s always the joke. But it’s fun. I enjoy doing it.

Now that the season is over, people say, ‘Ah, it’s the offseason, you’ll have all this free time.’ But for me, the offseason seems busier than the season sometimes. We’ll have photoshoots. I’ll go to the PRI Show in Indianapolis in December – I haven’t been there in 10 years. The appearances, the cruise. I also love my time at home, so I’ll make sure to have some downtime.

You mix in the holidays, and before you know it, we’re back ready to test at the end of January.

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